Welcome to the world of Rally

Rallying, also called rally racing, is an exciting form of motorsport. The enthusiasm is largely based on the fact that the races take place on public roads. There are several types of rally races and in addition to the traditionally organized point-to-point races, where the fastest time win, there are other versions where riders attempt to reach a predetermined time, depending on a predetermined ideal driving time. The rallying is quite popular with amateur drivers. Depending on the nature of the rally, only a few changes in your vehicle is enough to compete. Most racers compete as part of a club, and events highlight navigation, teamwork, and logistics rather than the out time on the track.

To get a feel of rallying, several private schools have been opened that not only let one learn the basics of rallying but also gives the taste of public road course. These private schools are for people who like to experience high-speed rally and driving techniques, such as drifting on dirt, handbrake turns and gravel paths. These use well-prepared rally cars that match those used by professionals. There are several schools in operation and the courses range from one-day sessions to multi-day camps that end up as a competition between the groups.

The rally racing taking place in forests are known as Stage rallies and include circuits of competitive stages or sections in which the winner is the team that completes them in the shortest aggregate time. The co-drivers read the route instructions published by the organizers for the stages and sections of the route to ensure that the car is on the right track. There are various types of road rallies such as economy runs, competitive night events, touring assemblies without timings, historical rallies for classical cars, where the prime factor is timing and good navigation skills. Many of the well-known rally co-drivers have made a name for them in the British road rallies and have become famous in the World Rally Championship.

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Many of the local motor clubs host the so-called “12 Car” event, which is an ideal starting point for any type of rally. This event is limited to 12 cars and any type of car can participate. There is no special requirement to meet to participate in such events, only a relevant map route, map light and map magnifying glass is sufficient.

Barum Czech Rally Zlín

The Barum Czech Rally Zlín is the most prolific and biggest rally in the calendar of the Czech Rally Championship, as it is part of the FIA ​​European Rally Championship (ERC). It was held for the first time in 1971, making it one of the three oldest rallies to be held in the Czech Republic.

It takes place on Friday night in Zlín with the Super Special Stage and takes place in the city center. The rest of the event takes place on the challenging and mountainous asphalt roads around the city. As one of the oldest rallies in the Czech Republic, it is not surprising that few of the regular stages like Maják, Pindula, Semetín, and Troják have a fabulous status in the Czech Rally fraternity.